Monday, October 25, 2010


For those of you who have seen my facebook status, you already know that I quit my part-time job, and you also can interpret the title of this post.

:-( I am sad because the studio and store are a great business but I just didn't feel it was right for me, and I do feel bad about giving short notice of my departure. But I think I am onto things that are more in line with growing my career. Yay!

I am just excited for what the future brings, and I wish my former workplace a lot of success! They certainly have an amazing group of people working there!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hairicide....or Hair-a Kari? Okay, I'll stop.

Robert at Bowie Salon and Spa in Seattle, if you felt a sharp pain in your shears-hand, it was because I did what I promised I would never do again.

I don't think this is as bad as some of my past escapades, but I certainly am not able to cut layers of any kind.

I cut my own bangs.

I KNOW! I promised after the last fiasco that I would not touch them ever again. But that was before I moved across the country and couldn't afford a decent haircut! And I seriously took off almost four inches. They didn't qualify as "bangs" anymore. It had to be done, because, honestly, I don't look that great without bangs.

I'm sorry, Robert! You will have to fix this on December 15th, when I get home to Seattle (with the pups!).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I think Paris wants to play.

She has been like this for several minutes, her beady little eyes boring holes right through me, toys stacked up at her side.

Such subtlety.


I would first like to start out with the most awesome video EVER (strong language)(but hilarious). Click on the picture to go to the youtube video.

By the way, this picture is actually a very accurate portrayal of me window shopping for shoes...

Okay, I feel like that has properly set the mood for this post.

The other day the amazing shoe designer, Ruthie Davis, came to my husband's school and talked about her business.

Ruthie Davis and her gorgeous creations.

But on that same day there was a horrible tragedy, because I WAS NOT THERE. Sad Face!

Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with fashion: Vogue subscription since I was like, twelve; the giant wall in my bedroom of my favorite advertisements or photos from Vogue; my Belltown apartment that was decorated by all of my high heels (bookcases are really made for shoe display, right?); the fact that I still decorate with Stuart Weitzman ads (from their previous campaign, "a little obsessed with shoes"**).

**On a tangental note: these ads remain my favorite campaign of all time. The genius ads let me decorate my house with pictures that aren't overtly girly, but are SECRETLY SHOES. I wrote to Korey Kay & Partners asking them for prints of the ads - they sent me every single one!

Anywhoodle, getting back to the original subject of this post, I was devastated that Rick didn't think to bring me to that class. Why didn't University of Washington business school ever bring in an amazing shoe designer to talk to my class??? (UW Foster School of Business FAIL.)

I missed out on having these in my school classroom:

The Most Awesome Shoe in the WORLD, by Ruthie Davis.

Which, in retrospect, maybe is not bad, since I possibly might have grabbed this shoe and run off with it, overcome with my love for its beauty.

Ruthie, if you are out there reading this, surrounded by your fabulous shoes, I am officially volunteering to be your intern. No, actually, I am not joking.

Okay, Maury.

I just turned on the tv and the information for the current show came on: The Maury Povich Show - "You got one of my friends pregnant - the wedding is off!!!!!"


Dear White Trash of America,

That SHOULDN'T BE NEWS. I am pretty sure every (sane) woman would call the wedding off.

And stop watching that show.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Employment and judging. And Newsies.

Well, Unemployment, you've given me a nice break and a recovery from corporate america, but it's time for me to get back to work.

I have a part-time job now at Core De Vie in Beacon Hill. It's RAD! Look at the website. Yeah. I work here. I even get to go to the classes (if they aren't full).

I was so sad to leave my awesome friends/coworkers at Boeing (I miss you, Melanie and Amanda!!!!). Now I am happy to say that that I currently have a whole slew of funny, friendly clients and coworkers! I feel like I'm back in college, in a good way! I wear (cute) sweats to work, and I have time to actually enjoy the rest of my life. And this time, "the rest of my life" doesn't even involve school.

In addition to having a relaxing job and earning money, it's SO nice to get out of the house. Also great: I am not sitting at the house eating all the time. I'm already fitting back into my formerly too-tight pants (although there have been other factors at work there too).

In other news, I think that I saw the girl who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies the other day. She recently cut her hair super-short and looks like a girly-boy. I didn't realize it until I saw a picture of her on TMZ. I was like, "OMG, Emma Watson is the girly-boy that I saw!"

Sooo...I am sure the fact that she didn't have makeup on didn't help this pic.
(pic from

So it was kind of cool if that WAS her (although I am not sure what she would be doing in Davis Square, since she attends Brown), but more than anything it just made me really confused. There are of chicks that look like boys/ boys that look like chicks here in Boston. The clothes may or may not be bad, but I can't tell, because good and bad clothes are different for each gender.

The other day I saw a guy who was dressed like an extra on the set of Newsies.

Favorite move EVER.
(Picture: IMDB)

I was thinking, "Um, those clothes went out of style, like, ONE-HUNDRED YEARS AGO!!!!!" And then I though how cool it would be if all the sudden Christian Bale danced into my path and we would sing and dance with all the people on the street and my life would FINALLY be a musical.

So yeah. Good times judging clothing here in Boston. I love people-watching while I work. I can look out onto the sidewalk and judge.

Self-assessment of my outfit today: I look awesome. I'd like to thank yoga, fruits and veggies, and Denise Austin, for all enabling me to fit back into these khakis.