Wednesday, July 28, 2010


As any good shopaholic would, I have already started thinking about winter boots.

I have never had to really worry about snow boots or really cold-weather boots. In Seattle, the snow usually has melted by 8:00am, and then you have to do a late start at school instead of having the day off. Booo! Or you have to drive to work, which is 80 times more lame.

Now that I am in Boston, I have to be prepared for (a) really cold, numbing weather, and (b) snow that sticks around for more than five hours. Hmm. This could get expensive. Although, it won't since I am still unemployed.

Here are some delicious boots I have found, neither of which I can afford. One pair is purely for comfort and warmth (yes, I know they are ugly - shut up, I want my legs to be warm), and the other for looks.

If only (a) I had the money to buy these, and (b) Stella wasn't such a tree-hugger and would actually use real shearling.

Those are my pretty things of the day. I realized I haven't put many of those lately. So there you go.

Bawston Homesickness

Yes, I am homesick. Mostly I am lonely, so I really need a job and/or friends. I also need my mom to move here, but I guess the job and friends are more realistic...

I haven't gotten to explore Boston too much yet, but I did find a nice running spot in the Public Gardens (I have to double-check "public" every time I type it because I am afraid I will leave out the "L") and on Commonwealth Avenue. It's a street with a walking/running path in the middle, and it is shady with trees for the entire .83 mile. My goal is to run up and back Comm Ave without having to stop.

Yes, you can be skinny and still be THAT out of shape.

Sad. I will change that, but not today - not on Comm Ave, anyway. It's supposed to hit 90 degrees today with like, 60% humidity or something disgusting like that. When I woke up at 9am it was already 80 degrees. Groooooosssss!!!!

The dogs are having fun but they are definitely getting cabin fever.

This is what cabin fever in dogs looks like.

I can't walk them when it is so hot out! I do think I need a lawn chair though, just to sit in our small yard and let them occupy themselves with sniffing, and rolling in dead bugs. I wonder if Off! makes lawn chairs with centipede repellent...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Who DOESN'T need these gems???

I am sure that every woman I know has faced this conundrum:

You put on your LBD (Little Black Dress, for the fashion-challenged).

Where was I? Oh yes:

You are getting ready for a big night out. The mirror shows you that those glasses of champagne are FINALLY paying off, and when you are done you admiring your flat abs, perky butt, and toned thighs (ok, this might be part unrealistic fantasy), you put on your LBD. You've got your sexiest heels in a color that really pops, and your hair is done in the perfect Audrey-esque chignon.

But....something is missing. Pearls? No, they aren't quite right. Diamonds? Those old things? You just have so many of them, and you feel they are maybe a bit formal tonight.

If only you had that perfect accessory.

Well, ladies, call me your Fairy Shop-Mother!! Presenting.......


I know what you are thinking: "Bethany, HOW did you know that Ringo Starr earrings are the perfect compliment to almost every outfit in my wardrobe?????"

I'm just that good - that's why.

And for those outfits that require a less-formal feel, why not try......

..... a little Travis Barker?

I know, I know - there are some of you that are STILL asking, "But Bethany, what about when I get invited to dim-sum theme parties?"

Oh, Sweet, Sweet Child-o-Mine... you don't think Aunty Bethany would really forget that special occasion, do you?

Dim Sum Necklace - Niceshop on

You're welcome.


PS All photos from Niceshop on Etsy.

PPS There are other not-celebrity-picture products from Niceshop, which you should probably check out. You know, before you buy the Depeche-Mode necklace.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Helloooo, Boston!!! And..... now I will say goodbye.

Dear Boston-area,

Just kidding. I'm not leaving - YET.

But if you keep up with these horrifying "Centipede-in-the-Bathtub" shenanigans, I might have to run screaming back to my home town. You'll know where I am going from the trail of Raid that I leave behind on my way to Boston-Logan Airport, and inside of the 737 that carries me back to Seattle.

I love the fact that you have summers that last more than one month, and I am excited to buy more cashmere for your winter. I love your public transportation, which is head-and-shoulders above that of my hometown. I don't mind that I get mild panic attacks at the thought of driving here at night and/or in traffic!

I even was able to forgive that little earwig on the windowsill this evening, because, hey - even Seattle has those.


Don't put 1.5-inch, Feathery, orange, Spawn-of-Satan, Shakes-Inducing bugs in my house!

You have been warned.



PS If you see random spots of powder on my clothes/body, I haven't picked up a nasty habit. It will be the boric acid that I will soon deposit on every surface of my house.

PPS I am seriously considering a cat. Or five.