Monday, August 16, 2010

Things for your head...

Posting music: Jake Shimabukuro: Live

...actually, this post is about things for MY head. I just ordered them on

I LOVE hats. Sadly, I have a long face, so some hats make me look like my head is a mile long. No bucket hats for me!

But I do love my knit hats, my favorite being a purple beanie with a big rhinestone button, but when I wear it with my favorite purple coat, I feel like it's too matchy-matchy. As I was looking around the website to find something to buy with my gift cards, I stumbled upon this beauty:

Nordstrom Knit Flower Beret

At first I was not a fan, but then I realized it was because I really didn't like the model. I hate her eye makeup, and she has kind of a creepy look on her face. So through the power of my Mac preview tool and powerpoint, I tried it on. Sure enough, I look totes cute in this hat.

Speaking of cute - that's one of my besties, Heather. We were in the seventh row at the Taylor Swift concert.
That night goes down as one of the most awesome nights of my life. Not joking.
P.S. I miss you, Heather!

Now that we've gone over Part 1 of Things for Bethany's Head, let's move on to Part 2.

As you can probably tell from my last post, I have been nesting. I was very inspired by the muted palette of the garage sale rescue painting, seen below:

Sorry about the reflection. Unfortunately my iPhone camera really does not do this painting justice.

So while browsing Nordy's website I also came across this beauty - on SALE no less!

Corsage Pillow

So pretty, right?

I would like to thank my former coworkers at Boeing, without whom I never would have had the Nordstrom gift cards.

P.S. Is that the right way to use "whom?" I get so confused on that one. Please educate me. That means you, Kelsey!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Inspired by the awesome blog, Color Me Katie, I am making another smile list.

International Accordion Festival Parades
This was in Leavenworth, Washington. I know you are jealous that you weren't there.

Rubiks Cube Parties.
(FYI, I ended up in all-blue)

Flowers from my man.

Bag-Cave Cats.

Babies. This is my nephew, who is now two, and HILARIOUS (see High Fiving Fish post).

Paris Hilton in a helmet-y baby hat, with straight-from-the-early-nineties dayglo colors.
You can tell she is imploring us to take it off of her.

Going to dinners on Boeing's dime with my co-workers (those days are gone now).
And....making finger guns.

Spider-Hunting Bathtub Cats

Invisible Bag Cats.

Peeking Cats.

Cats and dogs playing together. Toastie is in the fort.
He darts out paws, trying to hit Chewy. Chewy gets excited.

Dogs wearing Elf outfits at Christmas time.
(her pointy hat had fallen off)

Boozy Dogs.
Disclaimer: I do not actually give my dogs lots of booze, and I do not approve of doing that either.

Dogs in boots.

Basically, I love dogs, babies, and cats.

And Booze.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sneak Peek

Yes, that is "peek." I have seen tons of people writing "peak" lately in the place of "peek." It's an epidemic on blogs and facebook, and it drives me nuts.

Anyway, the sneak PEEK is just a few glimpses of my house. Sadly it is still not organized enough to photograph in whole. That is my goal to have it photo-ready by Monday.

Those of you who are inundated with my posts on facebook have already seen most of these. Just kidding. I just took a few more.

Here I am, right now. You can see me in my natural state, just not my house.

Hi, Friends! It's me!

Here are snippets of the house (PS I just realized that all of these except the last photo are mirror-images, so flip them in your mind and that is really what it looks like):

My beloved chaise, and to the left is a pretty built-in armoire.

These two live in our sumo-themed bathroom.

I rescued this watercolor painting from my parents' garage sale.
I can't believe they were going to sell it!
Rick picked the hydrangea on the way home the other night.
That book is OLD, and it belonged to my French grandmother. Also a parent garage sale save. Shame!

I don't think this plant really fits the style I am trying to go for, but I just couldn't resist this bright color!
Especially since leaving my mom's beautiful garden back in Seattle.

This shot is taken from the front room looking into the living room.
The light fixtures and the ceiling molding thingies are original to this house!
The china cabinet on the right is a FANTASTIC find from craigslist.

Here is my lovely floral chair from craigslist again.
That painting above it is a find at the Swedish Cultural Center in Seattle.
I love Monet, and this lady did an amazing oil painting of his Water Lilies painting!

Well that is the sneak peek for now. I have no idea how I will get all of this under control by Monday, but I'll try!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Career changes

Well, I haven't gotten any bites on job applications, so I am trying to brainstorm some new career paths for myself. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Pregnancy - So it doesn't pay well and there aren't health benefits (not to mention we don't have any affordable health benefits right now)... but it is the one alternative occupation that I am 99.9% sure that I can succeed at.

2. Dog Walker - Probably the same "cons" as Pregnancy, with the addition of (a) having to drive in Boston, and (b) having to be outside in inclement weather.

3. Bartender - Good money if I don't mess up or forget any drinks (unlikely), but no health care that I know of.

4. Freelance Writer - Judging from my, like, twelve followers on this blog, this is not where my future lies. Not to mention I have no training in writing, with the exception of regular school and the GMAT prep-books.

5. Dog breeder - That would be a GREAT career track for me if, (a) it had health benefits, and (b) I could somehow manage to actually let people purchase puppies. That is highly unlikely, and I would just end up sick with, like, 18 dogs and no husband.

Any of my twelve readers have any other ideas?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Curb Shopping

You know those new tv shows about people who are hoarders? The people collect things until they don't even know what is in their house, and they sleep on piles of just "stuff," who knows what.

If I ever turn into a hoarder, I know what will have been my downfall - curb loot.

I have had some great finds on the curb. I found an over-the-toilet cabinet on the curb. That was a huge find, especially since it was in good condition (for an ikea piece). I needed that especially in my past two bathrooms, one of which only had a pedestal sink. No storage except a tiny medicine cabinet. It was horrifying, and any woman who is worth her salt can relate - we need more products than can fit in a medicine cabinet.

Unfortunately I had to re-curb my cabinet when we moved to Boston (sigh). But there is a happy ending to this story....

Want to know how much I paid for this?

That's right - it was FREEEEEEEEE!!!! Just a few days ago it was on the curb down the street from my house. I saw it while walking to the subway, but couldn't bring it back to the house at the time.

Now here comes the dramatic, suspenseful part of the story: When I was walking back from the train an hour later, I was planning on picking up these tubs. And there was SOMEONE ELSE looking at them. As he walked away from them (presumably to ask his wife if she wanted them), I knew I had to act fast.

I swooped in and got the big tower first (the one pictured above). I tried to ignore Tupperware-Losing Guy staring at me as I walked down the street with 4 feet of tupperware tower in front of me.

The first Rule of Curb Shopping: You snooze, you lose, Sucka!!!

All I had to do was grab the rest of the tubs in a second trip, and then I cleaned them off with Clorox wipes. Good as new, and all of the tubs probably add up $70 or so in a store.

Here is one of my less-impressive finds, but I have some plans for this piece:

I wish I was talking about the chair (it was not free, but $75 on Craigslist isn't bad either), but it's the broken chair next to it. I plan on sawing off the posts sticking up out of the seat, painting it, and using it as a coffee table. It's a little work, but I love the shape of it, and hey -- it was free!

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is my find that put me into Seventh Heaven:

I have been coveting one of these lightweight vacuums for the hard floors, and Lo, there it was on the curb! God bless the person who leaves a fully-functioning Hoover on the curb!

Now, I LOVE my Bissell Turbo vacuum with the detachable canister and stair/furniture attachment (that really works!). But that vacuum is a pain to haul around for a "quick" sweep around the hardwoods because it is heavy and hard to maneuver on a daily basis. If you have hardwoods, then you know about the need to sweep every day because every tiny piece of Whatever sticks to the bottom of your feet, and using a traditional broom and dustpan takes quite some time.

I try to control my curb-shopping, and am pretty good at putting up my own Curb Merchandise so that I don't end up on "Hoarders: Buried Alive." Sometimes it's just some furniture I have replaced.

Other times when I think I am getting Quality Garbage, I actually pick up a lemon and have to re-curb it. One time I picked up a really cool old trunk in our Seattle neighborhood of Queen Anne. I very quickly realized why it was curbed - major mildew smell! Gross. Luckily, someone else picked it up and drove away from MY curb with it on the same day, tee hee!

Another Curb-Shopping hazard: accidentally becoming a Curb Thief.

One time I assumed that the chairs in the driveway across the street were Curb Merchandise. I realized later that I actually stole those chairs - for some reason, the guy across the street likes to sit on a lawn chair in his driveway on a fairly busy street. Maybe he likes bus-watching?

Tell me about your best Curb Shopping score! Have you ever picked a lemon, or accidentally become a Curb Thief, like Yours Truly?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fish High-Fiving

I'm a little down again today.

Financial stress, exacerbated by my (so far) very unproductive job search, is a big worry for me as of last night. Being the breadwinner was never really in my life plans, even on a temporary basis.

What's worse is that I am so homesick! I miss my family and have never lived away from them.

So I decided to compile a blog posting of things that I love.

1. A video of my two-year-old nephew high-fiving a fish. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. This is a picture of the most awesome two-year-old EVER. Making a fish face.

2. My dogs.

3. Pretty Clothes

4. Shoes.